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6 Tips for Summer Travel

The kids are eager to explore and so are you. For many folks, money can be tight, but with a little budgeting, you can treat the family to a short road-trip that they’ll jabber about for family reunions to come.

Aim for outdoor destinations that cost little or no money. Gas prices are not that bad right now. Hopefully, you live in a location where you can fill up a couple of times and reach a state park, beach or campgrounds.

Having run into some disappointments during past vacations, I know the importance of proper planning, so I’d like to suggest a few ideas to help you prepare for summer travel and hopefully, avoid potential disasters.

  1. Buy paper maps of the areas you plan to visit. I get it. Nothing beats GPS, until you ride into a dead zone and you’re lost. Also take along a compass in case you explore uncharted areas.
  2. Get your car checked out. Go to your local corner mechanic, tell them how far you’re traveling and have them to an inspection. Make sure your tires are adequately inflated. And make sure all your oils are replenished if needed.
  3. Prepare for emergencies. Pack a roadside kit which includes jumper cables, light sticks and flashlight. Dump the spare tire, buy the full size version in case you need to change a flat in the middle of nowhere-land. Remember those little spares will only travel so many miles.
  4. Don’t forget old fashioned cash. Coins are especially helpful if you reach a toll road with no attendant.
  5. Are we there yet? You don’t want to hear that too many times, right. To keep your sanity, don’t forget activity books and games to keep your kids busy.
  6. Check out the app, Roadtrippers. It provides navigation for your trip and offers information about nearby attractions and restaurants along the way.

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