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This year, I am a senior in High School and I am so happy! Except for one thing. All my girlfriends are booed up with boyfriends and I broke up with my boyfriend over the summer. I really want to be excited about my final year in high school, but I dread the upcoming football games, parties etc etc and being the only one in the group without a guy. Should I just ask a male friend to go with us?
– Cindy 2020, Houston, TX

Dear Cindy 2020
Your senior year in high school is one of the most exciting times you’ll remember. So, enjoy it to the max! Just because you don’t have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you have to stay home and miss the fun. Believe me, your friends won’t mind if you tag along as a third wheel or if you bring along a platonic male friend. If you like, you can get your girls’ boyfriends to bring along a pal as a blind date for you. That should give you all something to look forward too.

Dear Ms. P.
This guy I’ve had a crush on finally asked me out this summer. We went to the movies and he held my hand. We had a romantic walk around a park… and HE KISSED ME! I was so happy, I could’ve fainted, but I didn’t. I’m 17, so that was the second time I’ve ever kissed a guy. All that was about two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, he told me he was going on vacation with his mom, and he’s like disappeared on me. I call. Sometimes he answers and says he’ll call me back, but he doesn’t. What did I do wrong? – Heartbroken in Texas, Dallas

Dear Heartbroken in Texas,
I’m so sorry to hear that you’re heartbroken. There are two ways to look at this. First, give him some time. If he’s going through a family issue, it may take more than two weeks to get things straighten out. Just be patient and give him some room. Remember, it’s not attractive for anyone to chase somebody. On the flip side, maybe this is his way of getting out of the situation. If that’s the case, hold your head high. The next time you see him, smile and look confident as though you never missed him. Perhaps after a few weeks he’ll change his mind and offer an explanation. Then again, perhaps by then, you’ll be interested in someone else.

Dear Ms. P.
One of my friends broke up with her fiancé last year. I have always been friendly with both of them, but since their break-up, I’ve been spending more and more time with her ex. At first, it was simply a way to help him get through the loneliness, but we actually started enjoying each other’s company. I think what we have could turn into something special, but I feel guilty. What should I do?
– A Bad Girl, Detroit, MI

Dear Bad Girl,
Tread carefully. If you and your girlfriend are close, you might want to find out exactly how she and her ex broke up. If she still has feelings for him, she may not be cool with you having a close relationship with him. Talk to her honestly. It’s possible that enough time has passed and she has moved on. In that case, she may be happy for the both of you.

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