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Happy family: mother, father, children son and daughter on nature on sunset

Love & Relationships

Creating memories together!

School’s out, plan happy times together.

Winning the lottery would be sweet! But even after you buy the mansion, five cars and vacations, nothing compares to loving memories you create with your family.

Even daily, learn to savor the small pleasures you and your family have together. Happiness habits are wonderful skills to teach to your kids, and a wonderful way to make yourself happier too. Psychology Professor, Jeffrey Froh, of Hofstra University, says “Having close family relationships is a key predictor of overall happiness.” He encourages people to work with their families as a unit to develop positive attitudes and emotions. In the process, you will build strong bonds.

Now, that the kids have some free time for summer, plan special times to make this summer, one to remember. Be sure to take pictures for the family album.

Here are some ideas:

Volunteer together.
Challenge each family member to think of a particular charity they’d like to work with. There are wonderful causes to discuss including helping the elderly community clean-up and collecting food to donate to local pantries. If no suggestions, do weekly random acts of kindness.

Dine together.
This does not necessarily have to be at home. Or a fancy restaurant. Get the family to suggest fun places to visit to pack a lunch or dinner. Spending this time together helps with family bonding and gives you time to share your thoughts.

Set outdoor goals
Who hoo!! Pick a day each week for Outdoor Day. There are so many beautiful places during the summer. Check area maps for nearby parks, lakes, walking trails and beaches. While you’re there, explore! Try a new activity like boating, camping, or skiing.

Host a Saturday Craft Camp
Invite the neighbors to bring their supplies and join in. Depending on interests, you can create teams to come up with unique creations. For example, some interested in building might build wooden cars or boats to race. Those who like to dance can choreograph a dance to put on YouTube. Other ideas include knitting blankets or making jewelry. Also, buy T-shirts and require everyone to tie-dye it or decorate it to remember the summer fun.

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