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Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

We have more power over ourselves than you might think. There are many studies that show emotional happiness is very important to health and longevity. You know it in your guy without seeing the data. The trouble is mustering up happiness despite challenges, right? There isn’t an instant happy pill to swallow, but research indicates you can intentionally make decisions to feel better about your life.

Don’t envy or resent other people’s successes.
Focus on what’s going right in your life. Comparing your life’s achievements to someone else is not fair to you. Take time to make your own game plan, stick to it and reward yourself for the small, and the big wins.

Think positively.
Whenever you have a thought or emotion, your brain releases hormones which can affect your body. Stress usually leads to negative thoughts. Your heart races, and the body releases two stress hormones, cortisol and adrenalin. Research shows these hormones can accelerate brain aging, fat storage and cause muscle and bone loss.

Train your mind to think better.
Learn to get out of your head when stressful events take place.
If you allow negative thoughts to constantly take over, they could become a default way of thinking, which carries risks. A recent Finland study shows pessimism brings a substantial risk factor for death, including heart disease and depression.

Don’t exaggerate problems and issues.
Sooner or later, you’ll run into the so-called “wrecking ball.” You have got to learn to accept some things that you can’t control. Come up with a Plan B, and move on.

Use Affirmations.
Focusing on positive and uplifting meditations can have an uplifting effect on your mindset. Research has shown that affirmations are a powerful way to increase your feelings of self-worth. Affirmations can also affect your health. If you speak positive words, your production of stress hormones will decrease.

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