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How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite can be one of the ugliest secrets someone has to deal with. It’s dimpled, lumpy fat that’s usually on hips, butts, thighs and sometimes arms. Cellulite is sometimes called “orange-peel” skin, because of its texture.

This unattractive skin condition can affect both men and women, but it’s more common in females for several reasons. One is because of way females distribute fat. In women, fat cells and connective tissue are arranged vertically and this gives protruding fat the appearance of cellulite. Another factor is hormones. As women age, and their estrogen production falls, this affects their skin. Less estrogen means less blood flow to the connective tissue under the skin. Fat cells also enlarge as estrogen levels fall.

Other factors include diet and lifestyle. Anyone who consumes too much salt and fat, and too little fiber is likely to develop cellulite. Smokers and people who don’t exercise enough are also prone to developing cellulite. Any and all of these factors can lead those fat deposits that puck out of weakening connective tissue, giving that dimpled cottage cheese look.

Let’s turn our attention to solutions. Here are some popular natural remedies.

Coffee Scrub

Coffee scrubs can help reduce cellulite through massage and exfoliation. Coffee scrubs also stimulate blood/lymph flow that can also have a skin tightening effect. Social media gurus have plenty of testimonies about coffee scrubs and wraps working to ease cellulite. You can make your own scrub by mixing a quarter cup of coffee grounds, three tablespoons of brown sugar and three tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Message the mixture on the skin for a few minutes and wash off. Use the scrub up to three times a week.

Dry Brushing

Lightly, using a dry brush stimulates blood and lymph flow. This eases cellulite formation. Beauty experts recommend that you dry brush your skin at least once daily. Start at your feet, moving up the legs on both sides towards your heart. Sweep in one direction. Body brushing not only helps the lymphatic system release toxins; it promotes tighter skin and cell renewal.

Eating Gelatin

Gelatin supports skin, hair, and nail growth. Gelatin helps tighten loose skin and can even help mothers who have had several kids tighten up the tummy area. By the way, gelatin is a great source of collagen.

Kettle balls

Increasing blood flow to your thighs and stomach areas is ideal for getting rid of cellulite. Doing a high number of repetitions, using kettle bells, will invigorate your circulatory system and burn fat without padding on a lot of muscle. FYI, if you do want muscle, grab a barbell and do squats.

Balance Hormones

Hormones play a significant part in cellulite development. That’s primarily the reason that women usually get cellulite and men don’t. Balance your hormones by eating enough healthy fats like Omega 3, coconut oil and unheated olive oil.

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