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Let Mother Nature’s Crystals Heal You

Crystals and rocks are all around us. You’re more influenced by them than you realize because they are all around us. Crystals have always been candy to the eye, but their values go far above physical appearance. Not only are they on the ground we step on, they are used in jewelry, electronics and in some beauty products.

Going back thousands of years, people have used crystals, rocks, and incense in healing rituals. Various shaman and spiritual workers recognized and praised the energy that resonates from crystals. And they do so today. Many crystal healers believe crystals can encourage the body to function as its cellular DNA intends by encouraging the body to release toxins and emotional stress.

One method includes placing stones on or around the body. Using centuries old techniques, developed in India and Tibet, spiritual healers place seven stones on the body that are linked to the seven main chakra centers. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of chakras. Just think of them as energy centers in the body. Trauma and other negativity such as depression or anger can block them. This blockage can lead to a lot of trouble such as sickness, cancer and mental illness.

Another simple way to use crystals and stone is to sit with them quietly, holding them. Simply relax and let the energies from the stone you’re using envelop and transform you. I am a stone collector, and I endorse the following stones for their unique virtues. Please keep in mind, this post is for entertainment and informational use, and does not replace your talking to a health care professional for medical issues.


Rock crystals vary in appearance. They are transparent to translucent. Rock Crystals will amplify the virtues of other stones around them. Crystals can be worn to help you focus on the positive aspects of a situation. Increased focus can also mean your will power will be strengthened to help you accomplish goals more quickly



This is one of my favorites. Rose quartz is highly valued for reducing aggravating situations and increasing self-worth. Since my daughter was born, I’ve always tucked a piece of rose quartz near her, in her book bags, purse, etc. Rose quartz is also said to neutralize the damage caused by poor self-image and emotional stress.


This stone is popular amongst collectors. It’s often carved and worn as jewelry. Green aventurine is green with a tiny bit of sparkling in it. It gives off an optimistic and freeing energy. For that reason, many people carrying aventurine are more open to new ideas and situations. Some practitioners also believe it brings opportunities and good luck.


Need to speak up more? This greenish blue stone may be for you. Amazonite connects with the throat chakra. It is a calming stone that gives someone confidence and will power. This stone will help you keep a positive outlook even when the going gets tough.


Black obsidian is a glassy rock that carries powerful protection energy. Many healers suggest black obsidian for those suffering from anxiety. The stone can help people become more focused and grounded. Wear or carry obsidian to keep your mind free of distractions and anxiety.


Amethyst has many virtues. It rids the body of toxins, and some say it helps nullify the effects of alcohol. Amethyst strengthens a person’s will, therefore helping in goal setting.
Amethyst colors range from a light purple to a deep eggplant purple.


Copper is not a stone. It’s a metal. Copper is known for its high thermal and electric conductivity and therefore, encourages people to release stagnant energy. Some call copper the stone of love. Alchemists associate copper with the Goddess Aphrodite and Venus. It’s believed to help people communicate sincerely, smoothly and openly. Some wear copper to increase their attractiveness and luck.


Rainbow hematite is a beautiful way to get rid of negative energy. Many healers believe this stone releases toxins. It helps improve memory and mental functions. It boosts confidence and self-worth. You can’t help but be captivated by this stone’s beautiful iridescent colors.

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